Launching Veriditas Cultural Mind

Logo designed by Nic Cassey.

Today I'm excited to announce the launch of Veriditas Cultural Mind, a new dynamic cultural shifts research hub for individuals, brands and organisations committed to transformation and growth in a world in upheaval and at an evolutionary tipping point.

It has been greatly inspired by the work of Hildegard Von Bingen, a visionary from the 12th century who coined the term Veriditas to refer to a "greening power" that animates and connects all life. This captured my imagination as I considered what response is needed in the face of accelerating global change and intensifying ecological and human crises.

Veriditas Cultural Mind is my response. It offers insight into how our changing narratives and archetypal stories are being played out in `real time' on the global stage, both individually and collectively. I will be providing ongoing analysis of key cultural shifts through my website and social media platforms with more in-depth explorations available for download purchase or on a consultancy basis.

A new qualitative research framework, Veriditas Evolve™, will also integrate Cultural Mind insights for brands and marketing communications to understand how they can evolve more consciously in a changing world.

Check out the key cultural shifts for March which I uploaded to mark the new moon solar eclipse! Enjoy! Humanity Is Waking Up | Our Stories Are Being Rewoven | Shadow, Fear & Paranoia

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