Introducing VCM Conscious Cultural Change Bulletin

Northumberland UK the Northern Lights, photo by Owen Humphreys, The Guardian

Keep your finger on the pulse

Today marks the launch of the Conscious Cultural Change Bulletin, the next stage of the Veriditas Cultural Mind journey.

  • Monthly Conscious Cultural Change 2-3 page bulletin covering business and brand, personal, generational and global themes
  • Tailored option consisting of standard bulletin plus 2-3 pages of Australian or global content of interest for specific markets, businesses/organisations and brands
  • Further deep dive on request
  • Topical culturation tool for staff
  • Cultural change immersions also available


Contact Ariell Alman


Ariell has more than 20 years of experience working with the dynamics of cultural change, evolving cultural values and what this means for particular markets, brands and organisations.

CMS added imageShe is deeply committed to understanding how our shared human narratives and archetypal stories are being played out at this time of accelerated change and upheaval. How do we respond both globally and locally? Individually and collectively, as businesses and brands? With a Masters in Archetypal Psychology, she has strong expertise in archetypal and motivational needs-based research. She also delivers rich qualitative insights for brand and comms strategies.

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