Happiness Equality Matters and Bhutan Gets It

Photogragh: James Morgan/WWF. Source: The Guardian 26 March 2016. "An elderly woman making the pilgrimage to Taksang Monastery pauses for a moment of reflection at the prayer wheel.Bhutan provides universal free healthcare and education, and is on the way to becoming the world's first 100% organic nation".

Why do governments and the mass media continue to fuel fear and separateness at a time when promoting conscious evolution and a more holistic, heart-centred way of being in the world is urgently needed?

Why is happiness inequality on the rise according to The World Happiness Report 2016 when it is clear that happiness equality is such a strong predictor of social trust crucial to personal and societal well-being?

Bhutan tops the list as the country with most happiness equality… a country where happiness is at the heart of the political agenda, along with environmental and social responsibility, as this Guardian's pictorial piece points out.

The nation best known for valuing gross national happiness above GDP is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability - it absorbs three times more CO2 emissions than its 700,000 population produces. As development accelerates and urban centres expand, the fight is on to safeguard the nation's holistic approach to prosperity.

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