• Cultural mind

    We are living at a critical time of accelerated change and upheaval. Humanity is faced with both immense challenges and opportunities.

    Human consciousness is evolving.

    The capacity to consciously step-up and take responsibility, embrace and adapt to change is urgently required.

    We need a collective awakening, evolution by choice. It really is a matter of 'Evolve or Evaporate'.

    In a world of duality, there is both light and shadow.

    We have to understand how to live more authentically and collaboratively. We also have to be in touch with what is driving the underbelly of resistance if we are to transform our ways of knowing and being in the world.

    Veriditas Cultural Mind has been created as a resource for open hearted individuals, brands and organisations with a desire to be a part of the wake up and staying awake!

    What Veriditas Cultural Mind offers

    As a dynamic cultural change hub:

    • Provides insight into key macro shifts for humanity as they are currently playing out in culture on the global stage as well as closer to home
    • Highlights both the expansive potential for conscious evolution and the contracted shadow response to cultural change - openness vs. fear
    • Demonstrates how ruling archetypes are being re-expressed in culture
    • Uniquely, these emerging cultural narratives are vividly brought to life by relevant media coverage, posts etc. of real life events as they are happening
    • Evolutionary shifts are regularly updated
    • Related links and referencing of thought leaders in the field of evolving consciousness are offered for greater richness

    For brand strategy development:

    • Provides a dynamic framework for brand evolution
    • Guides re-expression of brand archetypes in evolving culture
    • Can be used in conjunction with Veriditas Evolve™

    Veriditas Evolve™ is a qualitative research framework which integrates the dynamic evolutionary insights of Cultural Mind to better understand how brands and marketing communications can evolve more consciously in a changing world.

    • How cultural change at the macro level is impacting on particular markets
    • Shifting cultural values
    • How needs, wants, aspirations and behaviours are evolving
    • Changing consumer-brand relationship dynamics
    • What being more evolved and conscious means for brands
    • How brands can step up as co-creators from a more integrated, heart centred space
    • The unfolding brand story
    • How core brand archetypes are best re-expressed in alignment with evolutionary cultural change
    • How consumers are now best engaged

    The archetypal story unearths a universally human experience, then wraps itself inside a unique, culture specific expression.

    Robert McKee

  • Inner practice

    Many of us get so caught up in our worldly lives. Work. Family and relationships. Other commitments. It can be hard to find time for ourselves and create the space for self reflection. A strong sense of self and belief in our own loveliness can suffer as a consequence.

    There is no doubt that inner practice is a gentle yet powerful way to invite a fuller and more loving relationship with yourself into being. The benefits of inner practices such as meditation and mindfulness have always been a central pillar of Eastern religions and in recent years have been well documented in the West.

    A moment of stopping, turning inside, checking yourself out, noticing how you feel, and observing your thoughts without buying into them is a profoundly significant moment. It will give you the power to act from a resourceful, skilful place.

    Sally Kempton

    Jungian psychology also encourages us to connect with our inner life in order to live authentically from the fullness of who we are. Shamanic practices as well facilitate a relationship with soul through connecting with our dreams and the natural world.

    Our outer world persona is but a small aspect of who we really are. Our true beauty and potential is waiting to come into being.

    In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh;

    The bells of mindfulness are calling out to us, trying to wake us up.

    Women and heart centred men are heeding their call.

    There is there is no better time. With humanity at a crossroads, we can all play a part through our own inner practice in transforming consciousness and co-creating a more humane, compassionate, abundant existence on planet earth.

    If you are looking to engage with the inner dance and embrace more of your potential, in Inner Practice sessions you will explore:

    • Your deeper longings and aspirations
    • Dialogue with those parts of self that are wanting expression
    • Ways to deeply root in your authentic self
    • Intention setting
    • Simple meditation and mindfulness practices
    • Methods for working with limiting emotions (e.g. Fear, self-doubt, sadness)
    • Engaging with the sacred feminine through resonating goddess archetypes
    • Power of gratitude
    • Where your personal evolutionary journey and potential for collective co-creation meet
    • Creating a personal ongoing daily practice plan

    Ariell Alman is a Sydney based inner practice facilitator who works with a heart centred, integrated experiential approach to promote more conscious, soulful ways of being in the world. She is deeply committed to awakening the passion and healing power of the sacred feminine in our personal and collective lives.

    Ariell has over 20 years of experience exploring inner practices. She is a level 2 Reiki practitioner as well as a practitioner of the Kriya Yoga path of meditation. She has a Master of Archetypal psychology and has worked extensively with transformative archetypal and shamanic processes both on a one to one basis and in circles.

    Ariell is also enthusiastic about the power of vibrational medicine and has completed the Australian Bush Flower Essences level 3 practitioner course.

  • bio

    About Ariell Alman

    Ariell is a cultural change specialist with a long time interest in how consciousness is evolving and how our core archetypal stories continue to be re- expressed in culture.

    She is deeply passionate about the unique opportunity we all have at this time of crisis and accelerated change to be intentional participants in co-creation of our future.

    She also has a strong interest in how the shifting cultural zeitgeist impacts the dynamics of the consumer-brand relationship.

    CMS added imageAriell has more than 20 years of experience working with the dynamics of cultural change, evolving cultural values and what this means for particular communities, markets, brands and organisations.

    With a Masters in Archetypal Psychology, she has strong expertise in archetypal and motivational needs-based research frameworks. She also delivers rich qualitative brand insights to drive development of successful brand and communication strategies.

Images by Dez Pain